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We communicate with our customers in German, English, French and Italian.
Sometimes we understand each other also without words!

Construction and project management

It begins with the draft and design which need to be successfully implemented. Maybe the architect of trust is already known but there is nobody managing the project and establishing the contacts with entrepreneurs. As an intermediary between the architect builders and craftsmen we care for a smooth operation during a renovation or new construction and a flawless and clear billing after the project is finished.

Advisory consulting for builders and building support

Construction is a complex matter and as a layman one is simply over-challenged sometimes. The technologies and the range of products in architecture are almost infinite. Also the offer of services is versatile and the wheat can only be separated from the chaff with difficulties. We support and consult our customers throughout the entire project as well as for individual questions. Our experience of more than two decades is beneficial for our customers – also in very challenging projects.

Cost control

Not everyone likes billing, payments or payment conditions but still places great value on clear and structured construction accounting.

In the name of the builders we control the costs within the defined framework and keep the construction accounting in a transparent and understandable manner.

Status analyses and assessments

We estimate the value of a property, evaluate objects according to their structural condition and counsel customers in purchasing a property. Furthermore we perform assessments for insurances and in case of legal disputes.